Thursday, September 1, 2011

Social Media - A look at the numbers

By now you've probably heard it said that social media is here to stay, and it will forever change the way you market your business. But just how much reach does a social media campaign have? We came across this post last week on MASHABLE that does a great job of breaking it down.

  • 52 percent of Facebook users use the site daily
  • 92 percent of social network users are on Facebook
  • There are 10,000 YouTube brand partners
  • There are 500,000 merchants on Foursquare alone (not including other location based social networking utilities)

And you should also take into account how effective social media can be, for such little cost. Remember that Old Spice "Man your man could smell like" campaign? In one month:

  • The number of Facebook fans increased 60 percent
  • YouTube subscribers doubled to 150,000
  • Twitter followers increased by 2700%

To see the infographic and the complete article on MASHABLE by Todd Wasserman, click here.