Monday, April 2, 2012

Why we like pURL

A couple months ago I posted a blog about pURLs (personalized URLs) and how they can be combined with direct mail to reach out to customers. Here at Kearley we recommend utilizing pURLs because we have seen them work, and recently I have been given some numbers that can demonstrate how well they work.

Kearley worked with Andrews Federal Credit Union to promote the opening of a new branch in Waldorf, Maryland. As part of the campaign, we combined direct mail and pURL to reach out to current members and potential new members.

Within 5 weeks of the branch opening, 119 new members signed up at the new location and over 500 current members visited the new location. Traffic remained steady at the branch following the campaign. It was so successful, Andrews repeated using pURL with three other campaigns, and are currently repurposing the pURL database to use it a fourth time.

Pretty great, huh? If you have any questions about pURLs, you can always email us at

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